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All our technicians are ISO-certified as, at NVC, we believe that our clients’ assets need the most precise monitoring solutions to prevent avoidable asset-downtime. To this end, NVC offers quality-orientated consultation and solutions, some of which include: auditing, training, RCM and Root Cause Analysis facilitation, systems development, shutdown and/or project planning and management as well as other condition monitoring techniques to serve the machine maintenance management requirements of all manner of industries.

Vibration Analysis:

By using the most sophisticated online and offline vibration condition-monitoring instruments; we are uniquely qualified to capture, through using modern and effective methodologies, the precise operating condition of our clients’ assets (on the most advanced software) as well as promptly reporting on the condition thereof. Vibration measurement is a non-invasive procedure which can be carried out while machinery is operating normally. Problems such as unbalance, misalignment, rubbing, looseness, and oil whip & whirl, resonance, etc. can be detected through this method.

Oil Filtration & Lubrication Monitoring:

Dirty or degraded oil is usually the root cause of premature wear or failure of mechanical systems. Therefore, the interpretation of oil analysis results, on an accurate system, is paramount to ensuring the sustained operating health of these systems. NVC is specialised in identifying the root cause of lubrication- and oil-based mechanical failures through the comprehensive interpretation of oil sample results. NVC also offers fuel analysis systems.

Infrared Thermography:

NVC is able to conduct comprehensive thermal scans and surveys on a manner of mechanical and electrical components of machines as well as promptly report on any thermal deviations from the norm.

Laser-Alignment & Balancing:

NVC is specialised, through adhering to international guidelines and standards, in preventing imbalances, and its resulting consequences on vibration-induced failures, by offering dynamic balancing solutions. Additionally, NVC provides laser-alignment services and systems that offer shaft alignment measurement solutions for rotating machinery as well as pumps, turbines, motor trains and more.

Electrical Motor Testing and Analysis:

NVC has acquired and is skilled in utilising the most advanced techniques and systems for motor testing, which includes AC electric motor current analysis as well as other effective forms of testing the operating condition of electric motors.

Engine, Engine Bearing and Generator Monitoring Systems:

NVC has partnered with the foremost certified suppliers of engine and generator monitoring systems, which has allowed us to deploy the most useful forms of analysis to accurately determine the condition of engines as well as their overall performance and fault severity. This allows NVC to offer an effective recommended course of action, identified on all vessels, which can assist in the planning of maintenance and corrective actions.

On-site and Field Services:

NVC’s extensive base of contacts and reach has allowed us to immediately report to our valued clients’ sites to ensure that all forms of condition monitoring are carried out accurately, promptly and to the highest standards. We have overseen the implementation of many condition monitoring programs and our unparalleled experience in this field, has led to NVC being contracted to implement and provide guidance on the successful application of these programs.

Noise- and Vibration-Based Human & Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA):

NVC has been contracted numerous times to determine as well as report on the extent and impact of noise and other vibrational effects on humans and the environment, including: seismic and blast impact monitoring, the effects of operating equipment on workers, the impact of mining activity noise on environmental ambience and much more.


Our many years of interaction with international suppliers and experience have led us to source and develop many more solutions, products and capabilities. These include, among many others, protection and performance measurement systems. We have an extremely good track-record on sourcing for and catering for all of our clients’ needs.

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