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About Us

Namibia Vibration Consultants

Reduce Costs

Reduce maintenance costs and contain losses

Reduce Time

Continuously extend the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Adding Value

Provide a world class service, focusing on adding value to our clients’ industrial processes; whilst addressing client needs in a professional and dynamic manner

About Us

Namibia Vibration Consultants (NVC) is an engineering consultancy firm established in 1995 by passionate, uniquely-experienced engineers in the desert town of Oranjemund, Namibia, to serve the widespread diamond mining industry – a significant contributor to Namibia’s exports and economy.

Nationwide- and Internationally Recognised

Ever since, the firm has grown to become a nationwide- and internationally-recognised, reputable and trustworthy contributor to the health of the mining and marine industries through offering ISO-certified onshore and offshore specialist asset-care maintenance and condition monitoring services, which, over the years, have proven to ensure the optimal functionality and heightened profitability of these industries.

Through this, the firm has built up an extensive client and supplier base in many countries. It has since also been heavily involved in providing engineering consultancy and maintenance-focussed solutions to a manner of other industries in the agriculture, power-generation, marine, water and manufacturing sectors.

NVC has, thus, embarked on collaborations with local and international companies to offer a complete range of comprehensive condition monitoring services, products and solutions in several industrial, engineering, environmental and research & developmental (R&D) fields for clients. This has resulted in the strengthening of our services; both technically and logistically.

Over the long-term, we actively pursue to establish a durable relationship with our clients.